Burger King Whopper Recipe

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Burger King Whopper Recipe

The Whooper is a signature sandwich from Burger King. First brought out in 1957, it has gone through many changes over the years, mostly related to the bread and the potion sizes. Several variants are also available, customized for local tastes, customs, and the season. Sometimes, Burger King also comes out with limited-time variants.

In fact, the Whooper has become such a big success that Burger King now calls themselves ‘The Home of the Whooper’. Many advertising promotions are released on this iconic sandwich. More than 540 million whoopers are sold every year.

Competitors have naturally tried to emulate the success of the Whooper. For example, Wendy’s and McDonald’s have their own products, nicknamed the Whooper Stopper. But similar products have not been as successful.

Burger King

Headquartered at Florida in the United States, Burger King is a leading hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. They are best known for their hamburgers, French fries, chicken, milk shakes, soft drinks, desserts, salads, and breakfast menus. Burger King has now become a global chain with outlets in more than 18,000 locations around the world. They employ more than 35,000 people worldwide, making Burger King an iconic brand that is easily recognized because of their logo and foods.

The Burger King Whooper

The Whooper is a flame-broiled hamburger with just 8 simple ingredients. However, it can be customized easily with different additions and combinations. You can have a vegetarian version of this burger as well if you want by replacing beef.

See this copycat Burger King Whooper recipe, just like the one you will find at the popular chain restaurants. You can make it easily at home.

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